GNAT-TV’s facilities and equipment are available to anyone who lives or works in:

Arlington, Dorset, Londonderry, Manchester, Peru, Rupert, Sandgate, Stratton, Sunderland, Weston, Winhall (we also provide services for Landgrove, Pawlet, and Wells)

If you are not in our service area, find your local media center here.

We produce content for the following platforms:




All content is produced for non commercial purposes only and must adhere to copyright regulations. Producers who are not paid by GNAT-TV must identify themselves only as public access community producers, not as staff or employees of GNAT-TV, or as in any way representing GNAT-TV.

Sign up to make media at GNAT-TV by calling 802-362-7070, emailing, or by filling out the Application Form.

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