Vermont Legislative PEG Access Study Committee

On June 20, 2019 Governor Phil Scott signed the Broadband Bill. That bill expands access to broadband services and includes a Study Committee on the future of Public, Educational and Government (PEG) access television. The enabling legislation allows for six meetings for the committee to consider “changes in federal and State law and policy, market trends, and any other matters that have an affect on the availability of or funding for PEG access channels and services in Vermont”.  Meetings are scheduled for June 27,  July 19, Aug 22, and Sep 20, 2019.

The PEG Study Committee, convened by the following:

Vermont Department of Public Service

Senator Becca Balint (D-Windham), Chair

Representative Michael Yantachka (D-Charlotte), Co-Chair

Karen Horn, Vermont League of Cities and Towns

Lauren-Glenn Davitian, Vermont Access Network

Daniel Glanville, Comcast

Vermont Department of Public Service

Vermont Public Utility Commission

Documents and Handouts Available Here:

PEG Study Committee Videos