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Congratulations GNAT Community!

Winners of the Alliance for Community Media Overall Excellence in Public Access award!

GNAT Election Night Live 2014

Join our special commentators and political panel, as we usher in the results of election night 2014. Recorded & streamed live.

Video of the Week:
Let's Talk: Holiday Show

Salley talks with local community members about what's happening locally during the holidays.

Bulletins are the quickest, most basic way to get the word out about local news and events.

To submit a bulletin, email

The GNAT Video on Demand Player is provided free of charge to anyone who visits our webpage. Click  here for more info...

What's On Next:

We facilitate and foster free speech and the expression of ideas, we serve as a valued community resource to foster new media technologies and training, and we promote and facilitate civic and cultural engagement.
"What We Do" - GNAT-TV

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