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Life of the Party
with Chef Amy Chamberlain
Guests, Astronaut Jerry Carr
Ch. 15 & 8, Fri& Sun at 8 pm

Special Sunderland School Board Meeting
Act 46
Ch.17, Thurs 9:30am & 9:30pm, & Sun at 12pm

Green Mountain Academy Lectures
History and Shipwrecks of Lake Champlain
Ch.16 & Ch.10, Fri at 7am & 7pm

Truth of the Matter
Guest, VT Assistant Attorney General, Todd Daloz
Ch.15 & 8, Wed at 8:30pm & Sat at 6:30pm

Danny Frank
Reminiscing about the accomplished career of MLB pitcher Jim Kaat.

A Night at the Opera
Manchester Music Festival
Ch.16, Tue at 8pm, & Sat at 9:30am

Front Page
with Andrew McKeever
Talking about Act 46 with School Superintendent, Dan French.

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